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5 reasons exercise can help boost your mood

In turbulent times we gravitate to comfort, comfort in what brings us joy. It’s times like these that we must prioritise both our physical and mental health; you really shouldn’t forgo that post-exercise rush. There really isn’t anything better than feeling two-inches taller post Pilates class, or that sense of freedom of movement post workout cool down so why not move your body at home! We’ve got you. Check out The Studio’s ONLINE classes to keep you moving.

The mental health benefits of exercise are often what makes us motivated to stick to one’s routine, and routine can bring some normalcy in unpredictable times. These many many benefits of moving mindfully have come to light in recent years, with reporting that those who regularly exercise experience fewer symptoms of depression and anxiety. The literature is booming with positive praise. In the current climate, we could all use some TLC. So let’s get specific and dissect why and how moving our physical body really does improve our mental health?

  1. Promotes mental clarity and focus

Rely solely on caffeine for productivity? Newsflash let’s pause before ordering that second morning coffee and consider this - Exercise too can promote mental focus. With a lot of us working from home, boosting mental acuity is essential. Studies have shown that active individuals are capable of allocating greater attentional resources to their environment. These go getters can process information and respond to challenges more efficiently. 3pm slump tend to be your downfall on the productive front? Perhaps you should consider a lunchtime workout? Let’s get moving to keep those brains awake and alert behind the screen!

2. Breaks the stress cycle

Are you one of many who experience stress as a physical form? Neck, back or even pelvic floor tightness can manifest due to stress. Stress can activate physiological responses effecting our nervous and immune systems – these responses can have significant detrimental health impacts in the long-term. The literature shows 20-30 minutes of aerobic exercise can have a calming effect which lasts for hours – a much-needed break from the stresses of life.

3. Reduces social withdrawal

We crave social connection in any way we can, particularly when accessibility is low. Whether this be getting outside for a solo walk or logging onto The Studio’s online classes, social connection is possible and can boost your mood and feelings of connectedness.

4. Improves energy levels

This may seem counterintuitive, but trust me – exercise can improve energy levels. You may notice after a brilliant Pilates session your sleep is fantastic. There are numerous studies that show exercise can improve sleep quality. Sleeping well leads to feeling more fuelled and better equipped to conquer your day.

5. Self-care

Studies have proven exercise can improve our self-value. Taking an active role in our own wellbeing is vital. While it can be difficult to get going, momentum is all you need. Aim to make the conscious choice to start moving, even only for 5 minutes to begin. You’ll probably find motivation will come naturally. While moving is brilliant, we recognise self-care comes into this in a big way so don’t neglect rest, relaxation and time for mindfulness – in whatever form works for you.

Here at The Studio we believe staying positive and taking care of you and your loved ones is essential. The physical benefits of movement are fantastic but don’t forget the quiet beauty exercise provides to fulfil your mind. Check out our Online classes to stay connected and keep moving.

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