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Introducing Born Ready - Birth Education courses at The Studio

We are SO thrilled to be offering Birth Education Courses at The Studio.

Read on for more information about the course and why we feel so strongly about its offering and hence our involvement.

We have always had a close relationship with the founders of ‘Born Ready’ - Our Women’s Health team in particular having referred many, many women over the years to this particular course and our very own Director Petra and her hubby Jimmy having first hand experience as course participants leading up to the birth of their baby girl. When the team reached out with the offer to collaborate, assist in growing the course content and offering, we jumped at the opportunity!

Choosing a birth course that is right for expecting parents can be quite the confusing decision. Understandably so…there’s a lot of choice and many, many different approaches to birth education. We may be biased of course, but we’re here to tell you there are SO many things to love about Born Ready.

Born ready was designed by Women’s Health Physiotherapists with the mission to eliminate birth trauma - both the physical and mental. As Physio’s we care about both your physical and mental well being and we specialize in providing education and practical skills that are science based and translated into easy to understand language. When it comes to birth and recovery we want women and their partners to truly understand the process and all the different factors that influence this (some within and some outside your control). Education and understanding is so very powerful - when it comes to birth, ignorance is absolutely not bliss. The Born Ready course provides all of this knowledge plus so much more, with special focus on how your mind, thoughts, hormones, birth positions, pelvic floor and various interventions and assistance influence the birthing process and how these can be modified / used to enhance and assist your experience.

One of the best things about this course is that it is just as much about the birth partners (if not more so at times) than it is the mother. It is imperative that in the lead up to and on ‘game day’ ones birthing partner is equipped with the understanding of what’s to come with a firm grasp on the wishes and preferences of the mother to be. The birth partner is often the women’s advocate when they may not be in a clear state to think clearly or make decisions.

Speaking from personal experience the information my hubs Jimmy absorbed during the course was absolutely brilliant - we both came away buzzing with a feeling of preparedness and a ‘rough’ plan of attack, knowing very well we would need to adapt (and with management strategies in this case) depending what was thrown at us. When it came to ‘go time’ Jimmy was an unbelievably useful support to me. In moments of sleep deprived madness when I was ready to throw the towel in and abandon all laid plans Jimmy took the reigns and reminded me of our tried and tested strategies, put them into practice (thank the looord for that TENs machine) and reinforced my words when it came to various decisions along the way.

There are lots of variables when it comes to birth, but there is always choice and we want as many women as we can reach to have the information to make the best choices for them. If you know what the options are, you are more likely to choose the right one for you. Born Ready appreciates the right choices will likely look different for each and every person. As Physio’s we are well placed to deliver all the options, without pressure or judgment. Sometimes birth does not go to ‘plan’ - we want to empower you with the understanding as to why that may happen so there are no surprises and to encourage acceptance and positivity no matter what your path to delivery looks like.

How does the course work?

Another extremely appealing fact about Born Ready is it is time efficient! Leading up to birth you are no doubt tired, excited, have an overflowing to do list full of social, nesting and work related tasks. You don’t want to be spending endless weekends sitting in uncomfortable chairs nodding off with days and days of information going in one ear and out the other. Born Ready is broken into 2 sections; 2 hours of online content (on demand so once you sign up you have access to the content to be viewed, paused, replayed at a time that suits you and your partner) along with a 2 hour practical workshop (that’s where we come in!). The Practical workshop (which we are now offering) is a fantastic opportunity to clear up any questions you might have after taking in the online content and to be guided through the birthing process with practical skills to tackle each stage progressively and effectively.

When is the practical on offer?

Our first course is available for enrolment on Friday 19th May from 4-6pm. Our director Petra and Women’s Health Physio Alyssa will be running the workshop. The group will be small to ensure ample opportunity for individual attention, questions and advice.

How to sign up?

Click HERE and you will receive a 5% discount on signing up for the online content ($313.50 with discount). You will then be directed to sign up for the practical workshop via our enrolments (LINK) tab on our website or app ($176 per couple).

What if you know for sure you’re having a C-Section?

You my friend (and your partner) both deserve and need information and understanding just as much as the vaginally birthing parents along side you. Many women expect a scheduled Cesarean to be straightforward/routine and feel they aren’t entitled to the attention of vaginally birthing mothers - absolutely not. Birth is monumental no matter the delivery method and women (and partners) must be prepared with the understanding of the process and potential curve balls that may be thrown their way. We do not want you to feel overwhelmed, shocked or confused at any point and a C-Section birth plan is no different. Another wonderful thing about Born Ready is the section devoted entirely to Cesarean births - with our very own Petra guiding you through the online module covering the early stages of recovery along with her personal birth story involving an emergency C-Section. This module can be purchased separately at a discounted rate for $220 which is perfect if you know this is definitely the route your delivery is headed. The content is included when purchasing the course in it’s entirety too to ensure women are prepared if their birth was to involve this method of delivery, even if not originally planned.

If you would like to sign up for the Cesarean Birth course click HERE to receive 5% off.

I have more questions!

Please reach out. Our team are happy to answer any questions about the course you have (just hit reply to this email) or if you would like a call for a more detailed discussion we’re more than happy to organise this when Petra or Alyssa are available.


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