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Massage: A Necessity Not a Luxury

Our body is a 24hour vehicle that never really gets to switch off. We manage to get our cars and bikes serviced on the reg but somehow we neglect the most important machine of them all. Check out the 5 reasons below why you should book yourself a good Grease and Oil, you'll thank me later.

1. Mood Boosting

Whether physical or emotional, we all hold a certain level of stress within our daily lives. It may not always be possible to eliminate this - life would be fairly mundane without the ups and downs...How does one deal with the never-ending roller coaster? Add Massage Therapy to your routine and introduce a sense of calm and relaxation which can assist in dealing with the stress, anxiety and at times flat feelings that can infiltrate our days. Receiving a massage welcomes the happy hormones - endorphins into our system, leaving little space for stress hormones to hang around.

2. Pain

Whether you sit at the desk or in the car, are on your feet all day or are an aspiring athlete, you will likely experience neck, shoulder, lower back, glute pain or headaches at some point.

Book a Remedial Massage with an experienced therapist and expect your individual concerns to be addressed with a level of pressure you are comfortable with. Massage therapy increases circulation, eliminates toxins and oxygenate cells allowing for tension to be released, balance to be restored, increased mobility and range of movement and overall relief. Regular massage treatment will decrease the incidence and intensity of pain. Win Win.

3. Immune

Being unwell is frustrating, unproductive and messy. High stress levels coupled with poor sleep increase our chances significantly of illness. Massage therapy increases circulation, decreases stress hormone production, enhances the activity of your white blood cells and improves sleep patterns. Combine this with healthy eating and regular exercise and your immune system will be strong, nourished and better prepared to fight bacteria and ward off infection.

4. Quality of life

I challenge you to tell me how enhancing your mood, improving mental alertness, treating and eliminating pain, boosting immunity, improving sleep and feeling great would not improve your quality of life and wellbeing, I'm talking happy home life, productive work life and all round balance...Yes Please. The clichés are true, your body is the one place you have to live and you cannot pour from an empty cup.

5. Feel good

The final and I think best reason to get a massage – you will feel amazing, you deserve it...and you can pick the playlist.

Bridget is Available for Massage at The Studio Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays. Book online or call 9810 9600.

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