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Quick 6 with Studio athlete & all round inspiration Lucy

We are so lucky at The Studio to set physical fitness and sporting goals with our clients and join them on their journeys to success, whether this be sorting out the pesky niggles along the way on the physio bed or getting them fit and ready on the reformer, we live through the blood sweat and tears and seeing those goals smashed week in week out is worth every minute.

Studio regular and original from day dot Lucy has had a year full of Physical achievements and the whole team have had such a laugh sorting out those muscular niggles and getting the glutes firing. Lucy ticked off her first Half Iron Man in Port Macquarie in May and followed this up with her first Marathon in Jervis Bay last month. Attending The Studio over the last year for regular Pilates, Massage and the occasional Physio appointment Lucy has nailed the juggle that is full time work, regular work travel, event planning and training and making her physical and mental health a priority.

Check out our Quick 6 interview with Lucy below:

Why did you start Pilates?

I started initially to tone up for a wedding I was bridesmaid in and to see what everyone had been ‘harping on’ about. I loved the feeling of being strong and have never looked back.

How has Pilates helped your Run/Swim/Bike performance?

I’ve injured myself running in the past at much smaller distances because my muscles weren’t strong enough and I didn’t understand how my body worked (which I learned through Pilates). It’s also amazing for the mental game in a race. When your body says ‘I’m tired’ you can say back ‘yes but you’re very strong’.

How many classes do you do a week and what class types are you faves?

A baseline of 2 which I do rain, hail or shine. Then depending on my week, I aim for 3-4. I love a morning reformer at the moment because I can switch off the brain and follow the soothing sounds of Helena or Katie’s directions. And then I get coffee!

What is your favourite and least favourite Pilates exercise?

I love bridges and planks on the reformer. They feel good and look impressive and I love seeing how much further I can go each time. I hate kickbacks with the long band in Mat Pilates- way too hard!

What do you do pre event to warm up?

I pretend I’m in a casual Sunday morning barre class and do Katie’s famous ‘up and around - knees tap’ whilst leaning against a chair and follow up with my own version of slider squats. Pretending it’s a Sunday morning at barre always helps calm the nerves too!

What's the next event/goal?

I hoped to say ‘I’m having a rest’ but as inevitably happens during the post race endorphin glow, I agreed to a 45km coastal trek situation in March 🤷🏼‍♀️.

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