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Post Natal Recovery - Tips to get you moving

4 weeks post natal and a daily walk has been my key to getting through the day! It started as a short walk to the mail box and I have slowly built upon this daily to 30-40minutes. I started out by myself, then with bub in tow in the carrier to eventually in the pram earlier this week. (Partly because the pram only arrived last week due to the unexpected early delivery of bub).

As well as my pelvic floor exercise and gentle TrA activations/Core (which your midwife or hospital physio will have shown you) here are 4 great exercises you can be doing daily:

Pelvic Tilts

Lying on your back with knees bent, place your hands on the boney parts of your pelvis. Gently rock your pelvis forwards so your hands tilt forward as far as you can then gently rock backwards as far as you can.

Tip: Picture your pelvis like a big bowl of water and you alternate between tipping water out the front and back of the water bowl.

Thoracic extension over foam roller

Lying on your back knees bent, place the foam roller horizontally along the bottom of your shoulder blades (or where your bra strap would lie). Interlace your fingers behind your head, elbows wide, relax backwards over the roller keeping your bottom on the ground. Hold for 20-40seconds, repeat 2- 3 times.

Tip: Lift the hips off the ground and add a roll up and down the spine for a little extra release.

Spine twist stretch to release tension through your back and hips

Lying on your back bring your left knee in towards your chest then use your right hand to take it across the body while your left arm lengthens away from the body. Keep both shoulder blades glued to the ground. Hold for 40-60seconds each side and repeat twice.

Tip: Walk the back of your left arm up toward your ear to include your pecs (chest) into this stretch.

Glute bridge to mobilise your spine, engage your posterior sling and open up through your hips

Lying on your back, knees bent and feet hip width apart. Tip your pelvis backwards lengthening your tailbone. Start to peel your spine up off the ground one vertebrae at a time. Engage your glutes by driving through your heels. Pause at the top for 3-5 seconds before replacing each vertebrae back down onto the ground. Feel your spine begin to mobilise with each repetition. Do as many as you like with this one, I like to keep going until my spine feels looser and I can feel my buttock muscles working, it usually takes around 10 repetitions.

Tip: Keep your rib cage connected to your hip bones through the whole movement, focus on strength and length rather than how high you can go.

My plan for the next 2 weeks:

  • Post natal check with Physiotherapist

  • 6 week Post natal check with Obstetrician

  • Continue daily walks and gentle stretching and strengthening.

  • Continue wearing my SRC Recovery Leggings* during the day (especially when exercising) to provide the best support for my abdominals and pelvic floor.

Each post natal journey is different and unique depending on many circumstances including your labour and delivery to life at home and how you cope with feeding and looking after your new bundle of joy. It is important to do your 4-6 week post natal check with your GP/Obstetrician but also with your Physiotherapist for a more thorough musculoskeletal assessment.

*Together with SRC Health we are very excited to be giving away a Pair of Recovery Leggings (RRP $199) along with a Specially designed feeding top and a 5 Pack of Group Exercise Classes (Valued at $140) These classes can be used Pre or Post Natally.

To enter simply write to us and tell us 3 things you are doing to help cope with your Pregnancy (Physical or Mental), A daily 20minute walk? Meditation? Pilates?

To complete your entry follow us on Instagram, like us on Facebook and tag a Preggie friend! (email

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