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Have a ball with these muscle release techniques!

Pain originating from muscles and fascia (aka myofascial pain) is a commonly encountered problem seen in any physiotherapy practice.

Myofascial pain originates from “trigger points” which are tight bands within a muscle that are painful on compression and may limit range of movement by increasing a muscle’s sensitivity to stretching. Trigger points can also refer pain elsewhere around the body through neurological pathways. There are many ways that trigger points can be released and one approach is to employ a deep pressure over these sites to apply a functional release or mobilisation with movement. One self-administered approach is through the use of a spikey ball.

We all know how much our back can ache after a long day of sitting whether it be driving or at the office. So, we have put together a few different techniques for you to try and release such trigger points with the help of your spikey ball. We encourage to adopt these massage techniques daily to help encourage mobility of the spine and joints.

1. Seated, place spikey under your bottom, some areas will be more tender than others. If possible take your right foot and rest it on your left knee and the left foot planted firmly to the floor. Keep the spine straight and with each deep exhale, gently press down onto the right thigh to release the groin and hip. Repeat other side 5- 10 breaths.

2. Standing, roll the spikey ball underneath the arch of your foot, forward and back 10 times to help loosen the fascia underneath our arch that often becomes cramped and tight.

3. Standing or seated, place the spikey ball in between your shoulder blades, one side at a time and press your upper back into the chair or wall. Find 5 spots up and down the shoulder blades, holding each spot for 5-10 breaths.

Try these techniques in your next clinical pilates class or pop into The Studio and try it for yourself! Also available for purchase at reception :)

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