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Don’t let Winter slow you down!

Are your aches and pains starting to creep back in?

Why do we always feel slower and stiffer in winter!?

Stiffness and a sluggish body in winter is a no brainer, you hate the cold and sudden change in weather so you start moving less without even realising it! You spend more time couped up indoors doing sedentary activities and less time out and about moving in the great outdoors.

Here's why you should keep moving:

  • Movement is proven to lubricate your joints helping to eliminate or prevent any aches or pains, specifically beneficial for those of you with existing arthritis; therefore the less exercise and more couch time the more immobile you become!

  • When your blood starts pumping around the body during exercise, the fluid surrounding your joints is exposed to a healthy supply of oxygen and nutrients (found in your blood cells) thus helping keep your joints supple and lubricated!

  • Movement helps keep the muscles around your joints strong, thereby avoiding excessive stress and strain being put through your joints PLUS keeping your bones strong and healthy.

  • Flexibility is also an important component of healthy joints, get your fix through indoor group classes like Yoga and Pilates, such classes as these help maintain your mobility during the colder months (plus they are indoors - bonus!)

If you normally pound the pavement but are not enjoying the winter weather, why not try something new indoors to get those joints lubricated. Pilates and Yoga are a great winter treat or if you’re after something a little higher intensity why not try TRX/Boxing Circuits or Barre.

Don’t let this change in weather spoil your summer fitness gains. Keep yourself mobile and limber to help avoid any injuries when you do decide it’s time to hit the pavement again.

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