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4 Reasons You Should Stop & Stretch It Out This Lunch Time

4 Reasons you should stretch this lunch time (No Excuses!)

1) Stretching improves muscular balance and posture. Everyday we see clients slumping because of poor postural habits. By stretching the musculoskeletal system, inhibited muscles are reengaged and overactive muscles become disengaged. Stretching will allow you to adapt and maintain a more efficient posture throughout the afternoon.

2) Stretching Improves muscle coordination allowing for more efficient use of the muscular system. Studies have found nerve impulse velocity increases after stretching. An impulse refers to the speed the nerve signals travel from the brain to the muscular system. As the neural system becomes more responsive there will be an increase in coordination between different muscles. This will result in an ability to resist against those poor habits.

3) Stretching increases elasticity of joints and soft tissue. It also promotes blood flow to those structures being stretched resulting in increased tissue temperature and fluid build-up, allowing for joints to move through increased range (eg, actually enabling you to get past the restriction of those tight shoulders allowing you to open out your chest).

4) Stretching reduces fatigue and reduces stress. Simply by changing actions and stimulating the neural system the musculoskeletal system increases in efficiency and the stress of the office becomes more manageable. Workplace injuries often occur due to loss of concentration on the specific task regardless of your occupation. A lunch time stretch will assist in increasing your attention and focus ensuring the poor habits remain actively avoided and your afternoon productivity is increased!

Looking for some stretches to do? Check these out for some suggestions.

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