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5 Winter wake up weapons!

Yep we know the score, the mornings are a heck of a lot colder and your toasty bed feels cosier and cosier as the clock approaches your wake up call. Why is it some crazy souls (guilty) seem to find it so much easier to spring out of bed in the Winter months while some are addicted to a minimum 3 x snooze? Turns out there is actually some science to this

somewhat unfair hand many are dealt.

BUT all is not lost, we can certainly modify our behaviours and create new habits with careful planning, persistence and consistency. Yep it’s easier for some but this is no excuse to throw in the exercise towel until the weather warms up. Lucky for you we have some handy tips to help you break the cycle and eliminate the snooze! (Yes I can hear you saying as you crack one eye to check the time ‘can’t I just do my workout tonight?’ For sure you can, but my friends we also hear the excuses ‘sorry my last meeting ran way over’ or ‘it’s raining’ (yes we get that one) or ‘it’s mystery box night on Masterchef’ and yep we know the temptation that is sliding straight into those Uggs on arrival home and the allure of the always welcoming couch or maybe the cosy fireplace and a Pinot at The Three Weeds.

The key is variety, flexibility and the capacity to give yourself every opportunity to sneak a workout in, if the evening is a no go you get yourself outta bed. Early start at work? Then get out the office door and on the Reformer for that evening class…as I always say ‘Take it when you can get it!’

- Plan and commit ahead

Over your Saturday morning coffee or Sunday sipper get your calendar out and plan (and book) your workouts for the week (better still a fortnight in advance to avoid missing your favourite class). It’s too easy to make excuses on the day if you are not committed. There is something about that ‘Click to book’ confirmation button that really locks you in mentally – not to mention the fear of late fees or no showing and taking up a spot of a fellow Winter warrior.

- Keep it interesting (and challenging)

Plan a variety of workouts; Cardio, Strength, HIIT. Make sure you book in your faves but don’t neglect your nemesis. It’s often the workouts we dread that we benefit from the most. Don’t get me wrong exercise should be well and truly enjoyed but a common mistake and the missing link to real positive change is avoiding our biggest challenges. Figure out what it is you fear and find a solution – eg. Hate cardio, but LOVE pilates, music and dancing? Enter Barre – dynamic Pilates providing the cardio intervals you need without forcing you to pound the pavement or don a bike helmet. Are you the reformer addict that does the same 3 classes every week? Hey good for you, you’re nailing the consistency battle but why not chuck in a Boxing class or have a crack at the Barre to shake up your routine (and your core!)…with a subtle change in stimulus the results will follow…

- Lay out your clothes the night before

Every minute counts when you’re waking up in the 5’s, savour every last Z you can and lay out your activewear, socks and all so you can simply jump up and jump in. Put your phone/alarm and clothes out of reach so you well and truly remove

yourself from the magnetic force zone of your bed). Not only will you be forced into a rapid departure to silence the rooster, removing your phone from direct reach will stop useless late night scrolling and again wasted zz’s – you really don’t need to know what Kimmy K had for dinner I promise.

- Get yourself some decent activewear and a warm jacket!

Sounds indulgent yes but here’s another little saying for you ‘look good, feel good, workout good’, maybe not the best English but definitely rings true. If you feel your best self when you turn up for class you will hit the ground running with confidence AND comfort! No more pulling up baggy granny tights or those annoying as socks that perist in falling down and wrapping around your arches. There are so many options these days in the activewear department from very affordable to ridiculously high end probably better suited to the cat walk. Chat to your fellow class mates or instructors for inspiration or recommendations, be warned there are still some saggy baggy brands disguising themselves as premium so recommendations always worthwhile! A warm cosy jacket is key for the commute to and from class. I can’t remember my life before I purchased my bum covering inner layer hand warming duffle jacket.

- Lock in a mate

Letting yourself down as you click your 3 rd snooze is one thing but letting down your loyal pal waiting for you in class is quite another. A healthy balanced friendship is the best kinda friendship (Barre on a Monday then the bar on a Friday…get my drift). Push yourselves to a 6am start and there might even be time for a sneaky flat white together for an extra post class reward. There are so many benefits to exercising with friends (article?), both bringing different strengths to the table, friendly competition, emotional support and happy endorphin overload to name a few. Don’t have a local pal that fits the bill? Go to a class you connect with your instructor, they’ll hold you accountable and have a laugh with you along the way.

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