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Sharing is caring...until it's not

When you ask an acquaintance or perhaps the person sitting next to you waiting for class ‘How are you?’ What’s the answer you're really looking for? A genuine play by play as to why said acquaintance is feeling pretty crap because their little one was up all night, or perhaps all the gory details of the aftermath of the gastro bug that circulated said persons household all weekend long? Or do you really want a simple ‘yep, good thanks, pretty mild this morning hey’ response?

You just never know what you’re going to get, and to be fair, you did ask how the person in question was so you can’t hold an honest response against them.

I guess what I’ve been pondering of late is when is the time to moan? And when is the time to grin & play on for the sake of those around us?

We definitely find ourselves in a time where feelings need to expressed not suppressed but perhaps we need to emphasis the importance of perspective and an awareness of our surroundings.

Now I’m not saying we aren’t entitled to a whinge, if the coffee you ordered got served up cold, or the car park was an absolute night mare, sure, that’s frustrating, but have a think if that’s the first comment you’d like to make to the person sitting next to you in line? Ponder those words that leave your mouth, travel around the room and inevitably land in someone else’s lap. We take on the frustrations & negative energies of those around us like sponges and in turn continue to spin the cycle.

Now in no way am I referring to real life struggles, real life challenges should be heard, shared and supported. I’m talking the small stuff (that yep don’t always feel small at the time but when the real hurdles surface seem like a breeze); the restless nights, the busy day ahead, the unfinished book week costume, the class you forgot to book into so missed your spot, the bus that ran late, the real estate agent that won’t call you get my drift.

It’s almost become ingrained in our culture to have a whinge or complain. Conversations spark on the common ground of a shared annoyance and reassurance is often sought; ‘I’m not being unreasonable if my cares are shared’.

We’re surrounded by memes, headlines and marketing campaigns that tell us Mondays are the pits and Winter is a time to can you really blame us?

Some of us are more guilty then others...I believe those who have experienced significant struggles perhaps harbour a little more perspective and consideration of the consequence of our actions and words on those around us.

Life ain’t always rosey, and sometimes when you’ve been hanging for that hot brew and it just doesn’t hit the spot you’re allowed a moments pause, but chin up, good excuse to treat yourself to a second cuppa come the Arvo

See how you go, contemplate your responses and take in the effect you have on your surrounds...although negativity is infectious, positivity always comes out trumps.

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