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Sian Murat

Pilates Instructor


Dance and movement has been a part of Sian’s life since she was a 4-year-old ballet student.  She went on to study jazz, contemporary and tap and later taught younger students.  Sian successfully auditioned at the prestigious Laine Theatre Arts Dance School in London where she was awarded a scholarship to attend. She moved from the UK to Australia in 2001 where she continued dancing.  It was the fusion of dance and Pilates which immediately drew Sian to XTEND Barre and she qualified as an instructor in 2013. She later went on to gain her certificate as a pilates instructor and has been teaching ever since. Sian brings knowledge and excitement to all her classes and looks forward to watching and being a part of the development of all her students.
Favourite exercise: Feet in straps, particularly short spine. It’s the feeling you get during and after short spine that she loves!

Sian Murat
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