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Sarah Redmond


Sarah is a diploma qualified Pilates instructor dedicated to guiding individuals towards holistic wellbeing through mindful movement. Her journey into Pilates began as a means to overcome personal health challenges and she discovered the transformative power of the practice. Completing her diploma through PilatesITC in 2019, Sarah has since honed her skills in guiding clients from diverse backgrounds towards their fitness goals in both studio and group settings. Additionally, she holds a Diploma in Health Science and is currently working towards completing a Bachelor of Health Science in Clinical Nutrition.

Sarah believes in creating a supportive environment where clients feel inspired to explore their physical and mental potential through Pilates. Her teaching philosophy centres around inclusivity, ensuring that clients of varied backgrounds, body types and abilities feel empowered in her classes. She is committed to tailoring sessions to meet each client's unique needs and goals, ensuring a safe and effective Pilates experience.

Outside of the studio, Sarah enjoys swimming, boxing, nurturing her indoor plants, and cooking delicious food.

Sarah Redmond
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