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Katie Langthorpe

Pilates Instructor


Barre Attack Certification, Studio Pilates Certification

Katie, originally from England moved to Australia in 2011. She trained in all styles of dance from the age of three. Focusing her training in Ballet and Contemporary dance Katie was awarded a scholarship with one of the most prestigious ballet schools in association with the Royal Ballet School. During this time Katie took regular Pilates class to help her with her own strength and technique and quickly became obsessed with the way it made her feel. She then found Barre Classes and instantly knew that she wanted to become an instructor and hence gained her instructing certification in the Barre Attack method.
Katie is passionate about helping people achieve their health and fitness goals with quick results. Her classes are a dynamic fusion of the freedom of movement with a focus on toning, lengthening and strengthening exercises, with short bursts of intense cardio to keep the heart rate up and encourage blood flow. Katie believes that there is no better feeling than that experienced after a challenging and fun workout.

Favourite exercise: The clam exercise; great for the glutes and inner thighs along with exercises utilising the mini stability ball!

Katie Langthorpe
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