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Eliza Aggar


Clinical Exercise

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

Eliza is an experienced Physiotherapist and Pilates instructor.

She graduated from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Health Science majoring in movement science in 2015. She then went on to do her Master of Physiotherapy degree at USYD, graduating in 2017.

Eliza was drawn to physio due to her fascination with the human body, love of exercise and interest in nutrition. Eliza knew this career path would allow her to explore and enhance all these vital aspects of her patients' lives.

Eliza has previous experience in a private practice setting + hydrotherapy, with a focus on pre and post op rehabilitation, chronic pain management and complex cervical and lumbar spine conditions.

Eliza has done further training in lumbar spine and sacroiliac joint management, assessing and treating vertigo symptoms and has an interest in women's health with further learning on pelvic pain conditions and womens health conditions throughout their lifetime.

Eliza is a pilates addict so you will often find her on a reformer in her down time. She loves weekends at the beach, catching up with friends and trips down the coast.

Fave exercise? Arabesque lunge!!

Eliza Aggar
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