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Eliza Aggar


Clinical Exercise

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

Eliza is an experienced Physiotherapist & Pilates instructor.
Drawn to Physio due to her fascination with the human body along with an interest in nutrition and love of exercise - Eliza knew this career path would allow her to explore and enhance all these vital aspects of her patients lives. Eliza applies a wholistic approach when assessing and treating individuals, always ensuring to address the entire picture.

Eliza is a warm, approachable, easy going yet professional Physio who loves working with humans of all shapes, sizes and abilities and loves educating them about leading a healthy lifestyle and strives to lead by example.

A strong believer in ‘exercise as medicine’, exercise (particularly Pilates) energizes Eliza; always feeling longer and stronger after each session.

Eliza previously worked in a hydrotherapy focused clinic and draws upon this experience especially when treating patients with osteoarthritis.

Eliza is a Pilates addict so you will often find her on a Reformer in her down time. She loves weekends at the beach, catching up with friends and trips down the coast. She’s a social butterfly so loves being surrounded by friendly faces and can’t wait to travel once the world reopens!

Fave exercise? Pike on the reformer!

Eliza Aggar
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