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Chelsey Cameron


Cheerful and engaging, Chelsey's teaching style is described by her clients as passionate, supportive, and creative. She has a keen eye for movement, ensuring each session is both educational and fun. With her attention to detail and encouraging approach, she helps clients get the most out of every session, often leaving them smiling and laughing.

Chelsey holds a Cert IV in Pilates and Dual Cert IV in Fitness and Allied Health Assistance, making her not just a teacher but also a mentor to others. When she's not leading classes, she's guiding new students through teacher training to become Pilates instructors themselves. Education is her passion, and she's constantly striving to learn and share her knowledge with others. Her dedication and drive for Pilates shine through in all her classes, ensuring each session is high-energy, thoughtful, and inspiring.

Chelsey Cameron
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