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Aoife Cunningham


Clinical exercise

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

Aoife graduated from Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh in 2019 with a Masters in Physiotherapy. Since graduating, she's been working across both the public and private healthcare sectors in the UK and Ireland. Aoife's professional interests include orthopaedic medicine, musculoskeletal issues, sports injuries and neurology. She's also spent time working with various rugby teams - which has helped sharpen her skills in acute injury management.

Aoife is a firm believer that movement is the best medicine - no matter your age. She's passionate about helping her clients feel confident and motivated to meet their personal goals. Aoife is warm and relatable - easily building relationships with her clients - helping to create customised treatment plans that blend manual therapy, education, exercise and pilates.

Along with her Physiotherapy training, Aoife loves teaching Pilates - qualifying in both Mat and Reformer instruction through APPI. If you drop into one of her classes you can expect a 'spicy pulse' at some point and you'll know about your muscles the following day!

Outside of work Aoife is all about staying active and social. You might find her running, hitting the gym or in a pilates class. She usually wraps up her day by grabbing a coffee with friends or family.

Fave exercise? A good lunge sequence!

Aoife Cunningham
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