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The Studio Creche

The Studio Creche operates from 10.20am - 12.30pm Mon - Fri (see Group exercise timetable for specific times/classes). Note potential changes during school holidays.  

Our Creche runs closely alongside the Group Exercise space so you are in close proximity to your little ones, however you can rest easy knowing they are being supervised by experienced child-care workers/local mums. We understand the difficulty yet importance in finding 'you' time with little ones in tow so we are here to help make this happen for you...and we love those bonus cuddles! 

The Studio Creche can be utilised for all Studio services; Physiotherapy, Massage therapy, Clinical Pilates, - during Creche operating hours so feel free to make the most of it!

Please note in recent years there have been some changes in the operation of our Creche service - ensuring we know who we can expect to visit each day and to control the number of kiddos in each session.

What has changed?

As usual you will find the creche times listed on the Group Exercise schedule however the Creche hours will be listed in time slots above each class. If you are planning on attending a 10.30am class you will book the 10.30am slot (likewise 11.30am class, 11.30am Creche slot).

Numbers will be limited so bookings are essential for classes (both Group and Clinical). The Creche booking will be made under your normal profile (ie your name will appear NOT your child's).

If you are attending an appointment, private session or massage feel free to utilise the Creche at whatever time required during it's opening hours eg. 11am- 12pm, rather than a specific class time. Bookings are still required.

What about multiple kiddies?

You are only able to manually book one space in the creche. If you are hoping to bring more than one child please drop us an email the day before and we will confirm if a space is available. If you are hoping to book an extra child the morning of, give us a call after 8am.

What's the cost?

Utilising the Studio Creche during Group or Clinical classes will no incur a $3.50 fee. We have loved providing this service free of charge for the last 3.5years however due to recent challenges, in order to continue the service we are asking for this small contribution. 

Payment will be processed to your nominated card attached to your profile at the end of each day. We will get in contact if you don't currently have a card on your account. You will be required to have card details attached to your profile in order to continue booking into the creche.


If you are cancelling your spot in class please remember to cancel your creche booking to make the space available to someone else. Failure to cancel the spot will result in the $3.50 fee.

Can I check on my child?

We understand it can be nerve-racking leaving your little one in someone else's care, we therefore encourage you to arrive 10-15 minutes prior to class to settle your child in (our carers arrive 10-15 mins before classes commence). 

As the creche is located in the group exercise space we ask you minimise your visits to the creche during a class to avoid disturbing the class flow and other clients. Please make the effort to arrive early so that classes can start on time, keep in mind and respect the other kids and parents who are also planning nap times/feeds around class times. Curtains and doors close once class starts! Rest assured if your little one is inconsolable during class the carer will draw this to your attention so no need to worry.

What should I bring?

We provide a huge variety of toys, music and comfy chairs however please feel free to bring along any special toys or a snack for your child.  If your child has any specific allergies or individual needs feel free to chat to our friendly carers prior to class.  Please no nuts.​ A change table is available in the first bathroom as you enter the Group Exercise space.


​Where is the Creche?

The Creche is located in Studio 2 at the back of the space behind the curtains and glass sliding doors.  Your child is close at hand at all times!  

Who is looking after the children?

The Studio employs carers all experienced in the care of babies, toddlers and children.  All carers have their Working with Children Police Check and First Aid Certificate along with parenting/child care experience. Local mums helping out local mums!

What does it cost?

A visit during classes costs $3.50 (see details above) and is free for use during appointments.

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