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The Studio Ballet

Term 2 2024 Enrollments now open


03/05 - 05/07

Friday 9.00am: 18 mths - 3 yrs (30 min), Parent/Carer participation

Cost: $18.50 per class in a term enrollment

03/05 - 05/07

Friday 9.45am: 3-4 yrs (40 min)   

Cost: $20.50 per class in a term enrollment

Enrollment and Term fees due prior to term commencement







The Studio also offers pre recorded Ballet Classes for purchase Online

18 months - 3 yrs

3 - 5 yrs

6 - 7 yrs

Once purchased, these classes are yours to keep to use whenever you like.

Please follow this link to purchase


















Our philosophy


The Studio provides the perfect space for your little one to transform into a confident and expressive dancer. Children should be encouraged to dance, laugh and express themselves in a warm and welcoming environment. Our Studio Classes are designed to nurture and encourage children, helping them to grow into confident and well balanced (both mentally and physically!) little people. 

Our classes are run by Katie Langthorpe (Miss Katie) who draws on her personal experience as an international Classical Ballerina along with her now modern approach to group exercise instruction. Katie has a special approach to her infant classes mesmerising little ones with her kind nature, gentle encouragement and graceful approach to movement.  


Studio Ballet Classes are designed around age appropriate Ballet exercises with an emphasis on posture, poise, imagination, expression, fundamental ballet moves and above all FUN.  Wands, scarves, sparkles and lilly pads create an engaging environment for the children to engage, twirl, laugh and leap.​

Classes are broken up into age groups. If your little one is on the cusp of the next age group and you think they are ready we are flexible. If unsure get in touch and we can help.

18mths - 3yrs 


A special class to excite and engage your baby ballerina and you!  During this class you will dance alongside your little one, joining them on their journey of dance discovery.  Classes vary from week to week. Various props are used to encourage your little dancer to run on their toes, point, jump, march, skip, leap and twirl.  


3 - 4yrs


Fun and captivating classes using props and beautiful themed music.  Throughout the term progressive programming will focus on the fundamentals of ballet positions, posture and steps with a primary emphasis on fun and inclusion.  


4 - 5yrs 


Classes themed by stories and fairy tales with the use of sparkly props and beautiful, uplifting music.  Further development of the fundamentals of ballet with a focus on patterns, sequences and rhythm along with learning turns, partner and group dance and basic co-ordination. Dancers are encouraged to progress their movement no matter their level of ability with the consistent focus being fun, engagement and individual expression. 


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Ballet Enrol


​What should my child wear?

There is no compulsory uniform for children participating in the classes, we suggest; fairy dress, leotard and skirt for girls and shorts and t-shirt, bike pants and t-shirt for Boys - even dress ups! Ensure clothing is free to move in. Ballet shoes are the only item we encourage. Socks are not permitted as they are too slippery.

Ballet shoes can be purchased from Bloch dance wear stores or Capizio Dance wear stores.

Most importantly we want your little ones to feel comfortable!

Boys & Girls

Boys and Girls are all welcome to our classes and encouraged!

Can I stay and watch?

Please see Terms & Conditions below.

Terms & Conditions

Please read all Terms and Conditions carefully. By enrolling with The Studio Ballet Program it is assumed that you have read, understood and agree to the following Terms and Conditions.



To secure your child’s place in class, term fees must be paid in full at the time of booking. Fees that are not paid prior to the class may result in your child losing their place. If your child starts during a term the fees will be adjusted accordingly. We accept casual bookings but please be aware classes do book up so the only way to guarantee a place in class each week is with a term enrolment. 


Refund Policy

Once paid, fees are non-refundable. No refunds or discounts will be offered for missed lessons, for any reason.


Trial Classes

New students can attend a casual class. All casual classes are $25. To book and attend a Casual/trial class, you must book in by emailing or calling the Studio. Payment will be taken over the phone prior to class. If you would like to enrol your child following this class the casual class payment will be deducted from the total term payment.



When enrolling Students are signing up for a term of classes.


Parent Viewing

A child enrolled in the 18 month - 3 yr class must be accompanied by an adult or carer who will participate with their child throughout the class.

In the 3yrs + classes parents and carers must drop their little one off (no more than 5 minutes prior to class). Unfortunately we don't have space at The Studio for parents to wait during class so we ask you to pop back in at the class finishing time. We can recommend plenty of great coffee spots if you need!

Class Policy

Please be punctual. This really helps a child to settle into class well. Arrive 5 mins before class and have your little one dressed and ready for class.

Please take your child to the toilet before class. Toilets and change table available on site.

For student safety, deliver your child into the care of a teacher at the start of class. Arrive promptly and make contact with the teacher before taking your child from The Studio.



Unless The Studio receives written notification to the contrary, by enrolling with The Studio it is assumed that you give permission for The Studio to take photographs and videos of your child whilst in a Studio ballet class. By enrolling with The Studio it is also assumed that you give permission for your child’s photographed or electronically recorded image to be used for promotional and advertising purposes for The Studio including but not limited to print media, marketing or promotional material online, on The Studio website and social media.



Whilst all due care will be taken, by enrolling with The Studio you agree to release The Studio and all employees of The Studio from liability for any injuries to you or your child while attending classes at The Studio.

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