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Mastitis/Breast Care

Mastitis is an inflammatory condition of the lactating breast that may or may not be associated with infection.


Mastitis often occurs when there is insufficient drainage of the breast, resulting in stagnant fluid in the milk ducts.

Insufficient or ineffective milk removal may occur due to many factors when breast feeding; a baby's latch, milk supply issues, missed feeds, cracked or damaged nipples or compression due to clothing choices or positioning when feeding. 


Our Physiotherapists are trained to treat such conditions.

Common symptoms:

  • Redness of the breast

  • Temperature changes; your breast might feel warm/hot

  • Swelling of an area of or the entire breast

  • Lumps / firm areas in the breast

  • Fever or flu-like symptoms

What can you expect when booking in with our team?

Following thorough assessment a variety of treatment options will be made available to you;

Therapeutic Ultrasound, lymphatic drainage techniques, appropriate exercise, compression garments, education and advice, referral to other health professionals and for further investigation if required. 

We find that in many cases antibiotics can be avoided if treated using anti-inflammatory measures.

We generally ask women to breast feed their baby prior to their appointment and welcome you to bring baby along. Our reception team are more than happy to provide baby cuddles as needed.

Note conditions such as mastitis generally require follow up treatments on back to back days. Your treating Physiotherapist will discuss the best course of action with you during your initial appointment.


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