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Kirsty Hilleard



Kirsty is a gentle, warm soul with a strong passion for both community and movement. She fell in love with Pilates, firstly as a participant, this love only deepening as she then took on instructor training and later teaching.

Kirsty loves the diversity Pilates offers, providing accessible, low impact exercise for all bodies.

Having personally experienced the significant physical and mental benefits Pilates provides, Kirsty is motivated to share these positive gains through her adaptive and encouraging teaching style.

Don't be fooled by her sweet as pie nature, Kirsty loves to serve up not only a mindful workout but also one that packs a decent all the right ways.

Alongside teaching, Kirsty works in a dental practice, enjoying her daily interactions with humans of all ages. In her spare time she loves being outside, especially by the beach. Sunrise walks with a coffee are a fave...a lover of life's simple pleasures.

Kirsty Hilleard
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