Nina Sabey

Pilates Instructor

Passion, creativity, progression and fun are the key elements Nina likes to focus on in her classes. Her goal is for everyone to leave her class feeling stronger, lengthened and connected to their body and breath.
Being a Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Nina, loves to incorporate strong body and breathe awareness into her classes. Viewing Yoga & Pilates as the perfect compliment to each other.

Nina turned to Yoga as a form of escapism to beat the stresses of the Finance world in London which then opened her up to the practice of Pilates - Mat, Reformer and Barre.

Nina knows how much impact a thorough, caring and considered Instructor can have on your life physically, mentally and emotionally, and now finds purpose in providing this to her clients daily. Nina views teaching not only as a privilege, but as a true joy that she will continue to strive to do to the best of her ability for the rest of her life!

Nina Sabey
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