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A modern approach to Physiotherapy – No churn and burn appointments, no time wasted with heat packs or ineffective treatments.

Individualised attention – no double bookings. Your time is valuable. We want you to recover from injury and we want to prevent recurrence. We will not create problems where problems do not lie and we will not over treat.

Health funds accepted, rebates available on the spot. Work Cover accepted. EPC accepted (expect to pay a gap).

Initial Physiotherapy Assessments are 45 minutes in length and for new patients at The Studio or previous patients with a new injury. 

Follow up appointments are 30 minutes in length and designed to further treat your complaint and build on your progress.

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The team of Studio Physiotherapists provide thorough assessment, diagnosis and treatment of various musculoskeletal complaints enabling a full and speedy recovery and the prevention of injury recurrence. Patient care and satisfaction are the primary focus of The Studio's practitioners, all consults are 1:1 exclusively.

A variety of manual therapy approaches are utilised to manage your symptoms:

Soft tissue release (including massage and trigger point therapy)

Joint mobilisation and manipulation


Dry needling and acupuncture

Ergonomic advice

Rehabilitative exercise (emphasising practical exercises to be performed at home)

Postural advice and exercises

Supportive garment and brace fittings

Real-time Ultrasound muscle education and training

The Studio provides advice and strategies to assist your return to work, sport and daily life following an injury, pregnancy or illness, along with strategies to prevent recurrence of your problem.

Our therapists are continually training and staying up to date with the latest advances in healthcare ensuring you receive proven evidence-based treatment. The whole picture is always considered rather than a tunnel vision/band aid approach.

Examples of Conditions we treat:

Musculoskeletal Injuries (including those sustained in the workplace)

Back and neck pain (including disc injuries and osteoarthritis)

Jaw pain



Pre-operative rehab / preparation

Post-operative rehab (spinal, upper limb, lower limb)

Shoulder pain

Rotator cuff dysfunction (tears, pain, impingement, bursitis)

Frozen Shoulder

Tennis/Golfers elbow

Pelvic pain

Pelvic floor dysfunction


Ankle sprains

Toe injuries

Shin splints

Plantar fasciitis

Knee pain

Achilles/heel pain



Traumatic or Sporting Injuries

Dislocations (Shoulder, Knee, Finger)

ACL/PCL Tears (Diagnosis & Management)

Meniscal & ligamentous injuries

Fractures (Diagnosis & management)

Ankle sprains

Muscle tears

Hip pain

Stress fractures

Tendon pain/injuries

You don’t have to be injured to see one of our therapists. We also perform screening assessments for athletes of all ages along with injury prevention assessments for the general population looking to increase their physical
activity while avoiding injury.

Extended Physiotherapy appointments are 45 minutes available for those with 2 or more areas of complaint or complex presentations. Please specify if you have more than one area of complaint, as we allow extra time for such appointments. At times an hour might be required for your particular injuries/concerns. We’re happy to advise you if unsure what appointment time is best for you.

Children in tow
We understand for many parents finding time for appointments can be tricky. We welcome children to come along to your physio appointment, we have plenty of toys and bouncers for bubs. We also provide a complimentary Creche service Mon- Fri.

Arrivals, Cancellations, No shows
Please arrive 5-10 minutes prior to your initial consult to fill out a consent form.

Please note if an appointment is cancelled less than 24 hours beforehand or is simply missed a fee of 50% of the appointment cost is payable. We pride ourselves on our premium service, allocating as much time as possible to each client. If appointments need re-arranging, please provide as much notice as possible in order to free up your spot for another client. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Why do I need an initial consultation?
Initial consults allow time for our Physio's to conduct a thorough medical and injury history to ensure you receive the best possible management plan.

How much does a physio appointment cost?
Please see our Pricing Page for all service costs.

Are Private Health claims and rebates available?
Yes, we accept all Private Health funds for Physio and Clinical Exercise

How much will I be able to claim?
The amount refundable will vary depending on your health provider and level of care, you can contact your health fund to determine this amount.

What if I can't get in to see the same practitioner?
Every effort is made to ensure consistency of patient care, if you are unable to see the same practitioner for your follow up appointment rest assured The Studio practitioners work very closely together. Patient handovers and
management plans are accessible if the need arises to see multiple Studio practitioners.

I’m not sure if I need a Physio or Clinical Exercise initial appointment?
If you have a current injury that you would like treated and prevented your best bet is to start with a Physio Initial appointment. If you would like to explore Clinical Exercise at The Studio we can discuss this in your first appointment and when appropriate guide you on the best way to start that exercise path.

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