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Get on your Bike! Pilates benefits for Cycling

Whether you are a weekend warrior or training for your next triathlon, Pilates is the perfect complement to your cycling regime.

Cycling places huge postural challenges on the body and as a consequence I commonly see patients for back pain and stiffness related to cycling.

Back pain not your issue? Tightness through the front of your hips? Or possibly some calf or hamstring pain during your Sunday cycle? Trust me it all comes back to what’s happening around your pelvis and essentially your core muscles. Our Pelvis is our base, and if your cycling posture is pulling you out of alignment due to weakness and instability through the core and pelvis then it may need some tweaking.

2 key components are needed for effective, pain free and sustainable cycling postures; postural awareness and postural endurance. Naturally my go to for active treatment is Pilates, the perfect cross training to increase core strength and stability and better still I have clinically seen the results unfold for my clients.

Here are just some of the fun strength exercises relevant to Cyclists:

"Scooter" performed on the Reformer

Scooter is the perfect way to challenge lumbopelvic stability in a functional standing position. Aiming to keep all your weight over the standing leg and tilting forward through our pelvis will provide the best environment to switch on our deeper core and hip external rotators.

Challenge yourself by standing on a foam block (as seen in picture) to create an unstable base, making your stabilising muscles work even harder for a deeper burn!

"Pedalling" performed on the Wunda Chair

The perfect challenge for maintaining trunk position during your cycle. Aiming to replicate the position of your body during the pedalling action of cycling. A fun and safe way to learn correct lumbar positioning.

Challenge yourself further by engaging with lighter springs for this exercise.

"Single Leg Jack Rabbit" performed on the Reformer

Another great way to challenge trunk stability and pelvic positioning whilst lengthening and strengthening surrounding hip muscles and challenging co-ordination!

This one also places a nice challenge on the stability around your shoulder blades.

So if you’re looking to boost your performance and train smarter come and see us at The Studio for your personalised Physiotherapy treatment and Pilates program.

The Studio. Physio & Pilates will be running a Pilates for Runners Equipment based class Thursdays 6:30pm, for expressions of interest for Pilates for Cyclists please email

Get started at home with this classic thoracic mobility exercise performed on the foam roller. If you do not have a foam roller at home try a thick beach towel rolled up.

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