Pregnancy care

Recently found out you are pregnant or hoping to be? Or perhaps you are well into your pregnancy? No doubt you have started considering your health and wellbeing needs during this incredible time of change (and challenge!)

We are proud to offer a holistic service at The Studio in an attempt to help make your journey as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Our practitioners are all trained in Women's Health and specifically pre and post natal care. 


In the early stages of pregnancy and pre conception it can be really confusing when navigating yours and your growing bub's dietary needs. Our dietitian Kelsey is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to pre (and post) natal nutrition. Book in with Kelsey to discuss your current diet, what you may need to think about adding and foods you should be avoiding. Kelsey can provide brilliant suggestions to help curb those incessant cravings, keep your energy levels up and to ensure you are consuming a safe, nutrient rich diet which is individualised for your specific needs.


Keeping you active, mobile, strong and ideally pain free throughout your pregnancy journey is a priority amongst our team. We have a variety of options depending on your needs and ability. We have our Clinical Exercise and Pilates stream an our Group Exercise stream of classes.


If you are completely new to Pilates or getting back into exercise after a decent break, if you are carrying pain, injury or experiencing pelvic floor dysfunction (leakage, a sense of frequent urgency, discomfort during intercourse or heaviness in the pelvis) our Clinical stream is best for you. This stream of exercise is exclusively run by our Physio team and involves sessions designed purely for YOU. To commence you will book a 'Clinical Initial Assessment' - In this one hour appointment we will discuss your history, perform a postural/movement assessment identifying any areas of concern or weakness that may need addressing. We will then use our external real time ultrasound machine to assess the activity of your deep core and pelvic floor muscles and help you to understanding how to safely and effectively work these areas. Following your assessment we may recommend that you book a private session to familiarise you with the Pilates equipment and to get you started with confidence. Continuing with private sessions is an option, alternatively we will then guide you towards our Clinical classes which take a maximum of four clients to one Physio. In these 55minute sessions you will be guided through individual exercises based on your needs. All of these Clinical sessions are claimable via Private Health Funds.